Reactjs articles

  • Handle your global application state in React natively with Context API, useReducer and TypeScript.

  • MAR 162023

    How to use basic React useState hook with TypeScript? Have a look at a couple of use cases to grasp this simple but integral hook.

  • Get a in depth overview of another React hook, useReducer in combination with TypeScript and manage state in your components like a pro.

  • JUN 092022

    The useRef hook is a React.js hook that provides some special features. We can use it to solve unique problems in our apps. Let us look at the useRef hook in React.

  • How do we redirect in the React Router v6? That is the question we will answer in this article and we will also look at some other features of React Router version 6.

  • MAY 292022

    Create your new React project with Vite, great front-end tooling application. Vite has many handy features that enable us smooth front-end development. And it is really fast!

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